Started in 2001… 
In 1993, I managed the largest human investment in the history of Al Rajhi Bank when I was a training director, and I dealt with more than 50 national and international training institutions. I was monitoring the strengths and weaknesses as  I ask questions about Human Development of The Saudi Arabia in general and the Bank in particular.  And I'm tracking the impact I have grown in my mind a business model that employs all the inspired experiences. And I've already founded a training company with my friends who share the concern and the idea with me. then I found out I had my own style of work. It is Based on: patience, relax and making a Partnership with the client by providing comprehensive solutions that make the difference, and that gain his satisfaction and I harder for the competitor to penetrate my market, i.e. to work in the Blue Sea, not the Red Sea.

That model has survived for 21 years and is renewed either because of major successes or economic recessions and Corona Virus and the entry of fierce competitors from abroad on our national market.    

Dr. yousef Alhuzaim  



We are experts in empowering human capital according to the vision of the kingdom

of Saudi Arabia , with creative solutions and sustainable impact in partnership with

solutions and sustainable impact in partnership with international alliance .


History believes it's people through the scale of achievement and the sustainability of successes and it is a reason to get the client's trust in us.






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20  Year of excellence